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Hello Imagination

"Hello Imagination" follows a young woman who is discovering objects around her in a trendy coffee shop. She talks to each object she finds intriguing, until ... well you'll have to find out for yourself ;)

Shot on location at the beautiful "Le Jardin Bohémien" in Ghent, this was apparently the first short movie shot on a Blackmagic Design Cinema Camera in Belgium - it was certainly one of the funniest projects we worked on. It was also the first in our "Hello" series of movies, with many more to come.


Frank Bongers


Charlotte Rüdelsheim


Le Jardin Bohémien
Burgstraat 19 - 9000 Ghent


Katie Harvey
Peter Baker


Adelien De Puysseleyr

Executive Producer

Eveline Garré

BMD Cinema Camera

Double Precision